A Letter to Gossip

How is it that you have found your roots deep in our mind? With time, you consume our every waking thought. By our own voluntary action, you are invited into our lives. There is no need for your manipulation but to bring pain to the undeserving. Those who are undeserving are vulnerable to the outpouring of your evil power. Depart from our minds and from the heart of society so that our mouths shall be devoid of the venomous malice that you present. We know not the struggle that others face; we know not the truths behind the veil that society creates. Therefore, you, gossip, are useless. You manipulate and cause pain. With you, no good will ever remain.

Until we remove you from our mouths and hearts, we shall never find peace. You are the destroyer of image; the living destruction of compassion. Never has there been a belonging for you in our lives. Depart so that your evil may no longer reign. Let this life be filled with compassion and love alone.

Mind and Spirit

As I rest amongst the weak
While feasting amongst the strong
My heart grows weary
As my life, ever so slowly, moves along
With time I see fit
That there is no “in between”
The weak grow weaker
In their lack of humility
As they run adrift from the trials anew
The strong, they feast in struggle wholeheartedly
On the pain of the weakening one
Whose journey has only just begun
The weak see their lives absent of purpose
For no longer are their dreams made reality
In the absence of the will to move on
Through the sting of trial that has come and gone
Without purpose the divide shall remain
The weak continue to weaken
The strong grow stronger
A great divisive pain only time shall explain.

Destroying Animosity

How has pure animosity found its roots deep in our society? We see acts of cynical measure occur across the world each and every day. It often seems as if we are destroying our own sanity. In these times, we see the power of our action and reaction. In a moment, we can change our lives; In one solitary moment, our emotions can heed consequences beyond our own understanding. We must learn as members of society that animosity is unneeded and irrelevant. Its irrelevance is clear due to the consequences in which it can heed. Therefore, although evil has found its roots deep within our society, it is important to know that it can be defeated. No measure of evil can overcome the power that compassion and love possess. When we, as a human race, come to this realization, this world will be a much better place to reside. Happiness will become abundant and evil will never again reign.



The clock ticks
Time races away
As dust in the wind
Forever running astray

With each passing second
Our time on earth grows thin
Pursuance of a dream
Cause our heart and soul to make amends.

Yet time calls out slightly
Beckoning for mankind to discern
That it’s presence shall depart so quickly
Never to return.



John 8- Faith on Trial

I found myself pondering this morning on a compelling event in the Bible that takes place in John chapter 8. I am sure that many will remember after hearing a bit of the story but, just in case you don’t, I will refresh your mind.

Jesus had awaken one early morning and made his way to the temple (just as he often did) to teach the people who were present. As he was teaching, teachers of the law and Pharisees brought forth a woman whom was convicted of adultery. I find this to be so ironic and relevant to our situation as Christians today. Have you ever had one of those moments where someone puts your faith on trial? They may intentionally create a situation that, to them, will somehow cause you to portray your faith in some way (rather it be bad or good). In my life, it happens more often than I would like it to. I have times during the week where my faith will be on high, almost as if the Holy Ghost has taken the helm on my body. During those times, there have been moments where people, who are in doubt of my faith, test me to see how strong it is. I don’t know about how this makes you feel but to me its nearly a slap in the face. I often doubt myself due to it. Yet, I am forced to stand and prove my faithfulness…….

Just like Jesus

This predicament put Jesus at odds with the sacred Law that Moses taught. For centuries, Jews had built the foundation of their faith on this law and its principles. Thankfully, Jesus was no normal man and he wasn’t prone to “missing the mark”.

As the story goes, he bent down as if he were writing in the sand. He then arose with the iconic line, “Let anyone who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Whoa….. Did he just say that? Yes he did.

Kindly, the men began to depart. With this, Jesus tells the woman, “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

Although many may see this differently than I, I simply see the fact that we, as sinners, have no right or justifiable reason to condemn others of their sin. If your faith is ever put on trial, be like Jesus! Overcome negativity and doubt with love and compassion. Love never fails. If you live your life full of love, you will never fail either.


My hope is that these thoughts may aid you on your walk through life. If you enjoyed this, feel free to read more on my blog! God Bless

When Fear Knocks…

When fear comes knocking

I will not hesitate to answer

For what it shall see

As the door to my soul swings wide

Its weak eyes cannot bear

The triumph that forever walks with me

Shall banish fear at its barren roots

Back into its rightful home

It has no place within my heart and soul

At my voice its disappearance shall begin

And soon shall fear for its eternity return

To the depths of painful despair

Its lies, so numerous, are no longer of my concern.



Where Does My Allegiance Lie?


“Where does your allegiance lie?”
Cries the voice inside my soul
It lay within the arms of the just
Beyond what I, myself can control.

With arms locked in battle against evil
My legs move although it seems I lose my life
And as the battles rages on with the sting of pain
I shall seek to put an end to all strife.

In the valley of the shadow
I will forever stand firm
My allegiance lies with the Lord, my God
For the favor of his love, till death, shall my heart yearn.

The Road that Lies Ahead


Moving Forward
Ever so cautiously
The presence of time
Hanging over my conscience
“Halt!” says a voice inside
For it is aware of imminent danger
Failure is in sight
Staring maliciously into the path of regret
Yet the heart dare not recede
Opportunity lies in the distance afar
It seems as if it were unconscious
Waiting to awaken
At the sound of my voice
For in its confines lies the power of choice
And in the freedom I shall rejoice.

Purpose Over Perspective

Don’t allow your perspective to deter your path to purpose!

As human beings, feeble minded and prone to negative thought, we may find that our own perspective doesn’t always prove beneficial on our path to purpose. That being said, one must be aware of the potential behind perspective. A negative outlook will often inevitably result in a negative outcome while a positive outlook will more often than not lead to a pleasing outcome. Why then do we carry such negativity around with us? It is simply due to the fact that our nature (human nature) has a tendency to have the illusion of “thriving” in absence of positivity. This, however, is an illusion that you must defeat in order to thrive in route to discovering your true purpose. Your destiny, however impetuous and daunting it may seem, lives within your realm of capability. After all, your purpose is divinely appointed. Only with a pure, positive mindset shall you  see it be fulfilled.

As you read you may wonder how the photographs above have any relation to this idea. The purpose is that effect of which the sky has unto our minds. When we see the sky just before sunset, we stand in awe of its ethereal beauty. It seems as if our creator has showcased his artistic skill by performing the painting upon a heavenly canvas. Our perspective of this beauty is that of astonishment that it even be possible for someone to create such a masterpiece. If one notices beauty in the nature of all things, negativity shall not cloud their minds. With this perspective in mind and heart, life’s greatest treasures can be unlocked and your potential shall be unleashed in ways you can never have imagined. So, as I said before, don’t allow your perspective to deter your path to purpose!

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